/lɒk / (say lok)

1. a device for securing a door, gate, lid, drawer, or the like in position when closed, consisting of a bolt or system of bolts propelled and withdrawn by a mechanism operated by a key, dial, etc.
a. a device to keep a wheel from rotating.
b. steering lock.
3. a contrivance for fastening or securing something.
4. the mechanism in a firearm by means of which it can be kept from operating.
5. an enclosed portion of a canal, river, etc., with gates at each end, for raising or lowering vessels from one level to another.
6. any of various grapples or holds in wrestling, especially any hold in which an arm or leg of one wrestler is held about the body of the opponent.
7. the extent by which the steering mechanism of a vehicle is able to turn the front wheels from one extreme to the other: this car has a small lock.
8. the limiting point of movement of a vehicle's steering mechanism in either direction: from lock to lock takes two turns of the steering wheel.
9. Rugby Football
a. Also, lock forward. the forward who packs down in the third row of the scrum, the forward's head being positioned between the two second rowers.
b. Australian, NZ, South Africansecond rower.
verb (t)
a. to fasten or secure (a door, building, etc.) by the operation of a lock.
b. latch (def. 2).
11. to make fast or immovable by or as by a lock: to lock a wheel.
12. Also, lock up. to fasten or fix firmly, as by engaging parts.
13. to join or unite firmly by interlinking or intertwining: to lock arms.
14. of a limb, to straighten fully, especially when bearing great loads, as in weightlifting.
15. to move (a ship) by means of a lock or locks, as in a canal.
16. to furnish with locks, as a canal.
verb (i)
17. to become locked: this door locks with a key.
18. to become fastened, fixed, or interlocked.
19. to go or pass by means of a lock or locks, as a vessel.
20. to construct locks in waterways.
21. lock and load,
a. Military to prepare a percussion weapon for firing by locking the hammer so that the gunpowder can be loaded safely.
b. (especially as an imperative) Colloquial to get ready for something: Everybody, lock and load!
22. lock away, to imprison; incarcerate: murderers should be locked away for life.
23. lock down,
a. to secure (a location) against a perceived threat by cutting off the access and halting movement of people in and around it.
b. to secure (a communications system) against a perceived threat from hackers, by restricting access.
24. lock into, to involve in a system or situation from which it is not possible to withdraw: *the women's movement would find itself less firmly locked into postures characteristic of the early 1970s –miriam dixson, 1984.
25. lock off, to enclose (a waterway) with a lock.
26. lock out, to exclude by or as by a lock.
27. lock, stock, and barrel, altogether; completely. {Phrase Origin: from the three parts of a gun: the lock, being the firing mechanism; the barrel, being the tube; and the stock, being the wooden or metal piece to which the lock and the barrel are attached}
28. lock up (or in), to shut in a place fastened by a lock or locks, as for security or restraining: they locked the dog up for the night.
29. lock up the land, Australian History to make the land unavailable to all but very few people (by giving out only large parcels of it by grant or to squatters).
30. under lock and key, safely secured.
{Middle English; Old English loc fastening; related to Old English lūcan lock, close}
/lɒk / (say lok)

1. a tress or portion of hair.
2. (plural) the hair of the head.
3. a flock or small portion of cotton, flax, etc.
4. (usually plural) a second cut or small portion of wool from the lower parts of the legs and edges of the fleece.
{Middle English locke, Old English locc lock of hair}

Australian English dictionary. 2014.


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